Turn On The Light For One Child

Streetlight Schools opened its flagship school, Jeppe Park Primary,  in January 2016.  We have designed a low-cost, high-quality innovative primary school model to address the achievement shortfall in primary education in South Africa. Currently, we have 70 Grade R and 1 learners enrolled in our school. Help us by turning on the light for one child. I’d like to give you three reasons why I think you should contribute:

  1. We can have tremendous impact;

  2. Research shows that an investment in a child in their first years of schooling is the best guarantee of success in later life. In many school systems, the reading ability of a child in the second grade is already a predictor of whether they will go to university. I started this organisation with the aim of re-imagining education in South Africa. Our knock-on effects will go beyond the direct beneficiaries will be an entire way of looking at education that can help us tackle some of our most intractable challenges. You can help us take the first steps;

  3. Every student we cover in 2016 is an investment in perpetuity;

  4. From Year 2 (2017) we are eligible for a subsidy from the government and our school becomes self-sustainable. We only need to raise for these kids this one upcoming year: thereafter the school sustains itself going forward;

  5. We are the people we have been waiting for;

  6. At some point in your life, someone cared enough for you to pay for your education and transform your future. I believe in the children of Jeppestown, and I know that we will transform their futures. I want to live in a world where it’s us: ordinary people who invest directly in the wellbeing of others.

To show our gratitude to you, we will be putting your name on our website as a sponsor, as well as putting your name on our founding donor wall in the school. If you would like to remain anonymous, please less us know. If you are based in South Africa, we will also be shipping you a personalised gift to express our gratitude.


How to donate:
For a contribution of R780 ($65) a month you could be a part of the story of how we can start to transform education in South Africa. Donations are 100% tax-deductible in South Africa and the US. Join in with a friend; sponsor a child as a family, or as work-colleagues. Sponsor more than one child. Sponsor half a child – it doesn’t matter to us. For every child that we have fully sponsored we are one step closer to opening the school. Join those who have already committed to signing on and help us put a child through school for one year.

Email hello@streetlightschools.org with the subject “Donate” to join and find out more.

By committing to sponsor one child, you’ve committed to donating a total of R9, 375 (or $750) in any payment schedule that suits you. Monthly donations of R780.25 ($62.50) or quarterly donations R2343,75 ($187,50) are also completely acceptable. Whatever works for you: just let us know which you choose.

Our donation cycle for this campaign will run from August 2015 to November 2016. Though we prefer to have donations come in earlier (September to March), we are open to have them come through until November.

If donating from South Africa, please deposit directly into the Streetlight Schools bank account:
Streetlight Schools
FNB Business Account Account
# 62464302620
Branch: Rosebank
Code: 253305

Streetlight Schools has high degree of financial transparency and are audited by PWC annually. For a donations invoice, please email melanie@streetlightschools.org with your full name and address. Once the donation is reflected in our account, we will be able to furnish you with an invoice for the full amount.

If donating from the US:
Donations to us are also fully tax-deductible via our 501(c) US Partner-institution, the Omprakash Foundation. To donate in the US, do so via our donations page:https://www.omprakash.org/partner_donation?partner_id=4070

If donating internationally:
Please donate via our PayPal account via our website:http://www.streetlightschools.org/#donate