Fieldworks Design Group has developed a strategy focused on reconciling intensive methods of learning with existing physical spaces in order to create a space of quality, that is able to house multiple, overlapping functions necessary for day-to-day teaching. The facility design is focused on cost-effective strategies that are implementable within existing buildings, and material combinations that are able to enhance the learning experience of students.


Even though there is a lot of focus on the education system, and plenty of time, money and effort is being spent on finding the best way to educate the youth, investigations indicate that a critical component is being overlooked: the necessity for physical structure to be more than just a utility.  It is necessary for a cohesive learning environment to be inspirational.  Existing structures are largely extensive in nature; it facilitates old fashioned ways of teaching and leaves little room for learners to explore new information. It is therefore, in a sense, fixed in its unchanging methods of facilitating the sharing of information with each new generation.  

Contemporary learning has, in a way, compensated for this unchanging environment by introducing a more intensive way of providing knowledge. The advent of the information age has provided us with tools and utilities that are unbound to physical space, and education takes place on a purely virtual platform.  It is true that it is a massive leap forward from what used to be a laborious process to acquire knowledge and can now be done with the touch of a button.  But the shortcomings are still present: what approach do we need to take to address these topics?

The strategy aspires to create a scalable architectural model that will help to alleviate the pressures currently experienced by schools within our country whilst creating a higher standard for educational spaces.

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Innovative and daring approaches need to be explored in order to achieve a sustainable way forward for education in our country, and at Fieldworks we have made it our personal mission to help realize this dream.
— Fieldworks Design Group