We believe that the best way to guarantee sustainable growth of our approach is by developing our staff from the ground up. By harnessing the untapped talent of young South Africans, and training them in the school environment, we invest in developing precisely the people that we need to do this work. Our team consists of some experienced educators, but largely we invest in individuals entering the teaching profession for the first time.

How do we do this?

1. One-on-one feedback sessions

Our School Leader conducts weekly observation and feedback sessions with all teaching staff. This highly personalised process results in professional development of their pedagogical practices as well as their teaching role. Education is a deeply vocational profession, and through this process we develop our team to “become” teachers, not only to “do” teaching.

2. Peer feedback and observation:

Teachers regularly observe each other’s classes, and provide feedback and support based on these observations. Creating a culture of open and collaborative teaching practices ensures that all teachers are learning from each other every day.

3. PD Seminars and Workshops:

We provide our teaching staff with a series of relevant pedagogical workshops and seminars throughout the year. They are introduced to the latest in world-class teaching and learning approaches, ensuring our staff to stay inspired in their work.