Teachers remain, for all other innovations, the most important resource in a school. Our team has many experienced educators, but we also invest in individuals who come from similar backgrounds to our learners, thus giving an opportunity to enter the teaching profession for the first time.

We invest in developing these teachers to be creative educators, compassionate in their approach to classroom management and willing to explore and be guided by students.

How do We do this?

One-on-One Feedback Sessions

Our school leader conducts weekly observation and feedback sessions with all teaching staff. This personalised process provides professional development for their specific classroom practice as well as their role as a teacher.

Peer Feedback and Observation

Teachers regularly observe each other’s classes and provide feedback and support based on these observations. Creating a culture of open and collaborative teaching practices ensures that all teachers are learning from each other every day.

PD Seminars and Workshops

We provide our teaching staff with a series of relevant pedagogical workshops and seminars throughout the year. They receive in-service training on the technical aspects of teaching that are not currently covered in teacher training courses.