Streetlight: Jeppestown/Jeppe Park Primary opened in January 2016, and is the flagship school of Streetlight Schools.

The school is situated in the Bjala Square building in Jeppestown, Johannesburg. Three years ago our school space was a closed shoe factory. In a short time, we have transformed it into an innovative and creative environment for our learners.  

This year we have 130 students and have established a new grade 2. Each grade (R-2) has two classes, with 20-26 students in each class. Our school will grow a grade each year until we reach Grade 7.

All of our students live in Jeppestown or in the surrounding areas, which makes us closely connected, culturally and socially. We are truly a school of the community! Many of our students are Zulu-speaking and from Gauteng but we also have students from other regions in South Africa and other African countries.  

English is our language of instruction and our timetable emphasizes integrated learning and practical application of theory. For example, the subject Theme and Art combines Life Skills, Science and Art through 6-8 different projects throughout the year and our Literacy and Numeracy subjects divides into Reading/Writing Workshops and Practical Math. This ensures that our students spend most of the time in school actively engaged in learning focused activities.

In the centre of our academic and social work is The Workshop Model (read more about this in our blog) and the Responsive Classroom Approach. The Workshop Model is a standard lesson structure that ensures differentiated and student centred teaching. The Responsive Classroom Approach is a tool for establishing a positive and inclusive school culture focusing on positive language, expectations and responsible relationships.

We ensure that the South African national curriculum standards are met and then we take our school’s curriculum further with inspiration from New Zealand, Finland and the Reggio Emilia Approach.

These are our opening hours: