What if South Africa’s neediest children had the most effective and transformational teachers and most innovative and sustainable schools to help them unlock their full potential?

Our audacious goal for revolutionizing South African education is supported by this community of like-minded business people & philanthropists

Our audacious goal this year:
Raise R 100 million
(or ~$8 million USD)


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So that in the next 5 years, we can create 4 more schools and deliver high quality education & schooling to 2,000 of South Africa’s neediest learners (annually)

And, so that in the next 10 years, we can create 25 schools total serving 10,000 of those learners



We use four key strategies developed at our first school, Streetlight: Jeppestown:
1. Building and launching inner-city schools at low cost
2. Training and developing the next generation of teachers
3. Creating the conditions for effective teaching and learning
4. Cultivating a supportive and enriching environment



Now . . . well, actually it started 4 years ago when we launched Streetlight Schools; but NOW is the time to double down on the success of our first school, Streetlight: Jeppestown.

Until . . . the public sector implements policies that demonstrate its commitment and ability to build schools and capacity at scale, especially for the neediest learners (whether on its own or, more likely, in partnership with the private sector). Only when that happens will
we consider our mission accomplished.



Some perks:

  • Knowledge you made a difference in a child or a teacher’s life
  • Social proof and acknowledgement of your contribution to the world
  • Joining a select group of organizations and individuals eager to revolutionize education
  • Access to visit the school and see your funds in action
  • Access to special events and other special perks (e.g., VIP access to Night of 1,000 Drawings)