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Each year we open the doors at our school to new students from the Jeppestown community in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Each year, we are shocked by the challenges they face before joining: neglected, malnourished, lacking amenities like running water, having never held a pencil or crayon. And each year, we are astounded by the transformation that they undergo in our school.

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The annual school fees for one learner costs parents R6,000 ($500) - only 20% of the total cost. The remainder is covered through your donations. Even these school fees are too expensive for some parents, and for some of our most vulnerable students (such as those who have lost parents) your donations are the only thing keeping them in school.

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It costs us R30,000 ($2,500) per year to provide world-class education to one learner, including nutrition (for some students the only proper meal they receive), uniforms, aftercare, stationery, as well as paying for teachers, rent, and building maintenance.


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asimbonge, Grade 2


tricia, Grade 2

Asimbonge is a very talented and creative child with a lot to share. He has a strong yet sensitive character. He has shown great improvement in his behaviour since the project started. Towards the middle of the programme he began giving his teacher a big hug before class starts as his trust has progressed.  His drawings are detailed and express various motifs from snakes to strong men to cars and abstract forms. 

Lindokuhle is a talented child, particularly in drawing and painting. He is quiet at
times but works with great focus. Lindokuhle has made a big improvement in his desire to participate with the class. He has helped me with cleaning the class and preparing the materials, showing his enthusiasm towards the time we create together.

Tricia is a creative child and works very carefully with her colours and forms. She
has a natural eye for design and decorating her works beautifully.  It is a challenge for Tricia to articulate what she is feeling through some of the art class activities, but with painting she was able to focus on her work intuitively.


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      Amahle, Grade #                           

bongeka, Grade #


Amahle is a gentle and kind child. She works very carefully and slowly on her drawings. She enjoys drawing cats, flowers and her friends and family. She likes to help us prepare for work and clean up. She works quietly in her own space and when she completes a work she is extremely proud of what she has created. She learnt to express her anxiety through the drawings she drew in class and in her diary. 

Bongeka is a quiet and discrete child. She doesn’t speak often and keeps to herself. She works slowly and sometimes struggles to do her work. I have noticed that she has a lot to share, however it is difficult for her to express it. She draws people and cats beautifully but struggled to work on her own in class and needed instruction and guidance to finish her work. In her feedback she expressed that working in the art class made her feel happy.

Daymos is a sensitive child with an active imagination. He craves approval from his friends and sometimes mimics their aggressive behaviour. He is otherwise a very gentle child. Daymos also often draws super heroes with super strength that protects himself and his friends. This may be because he feels small and weak with his peer group and so in his drawings expresses an elevated sense of self. 

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Stelvis, Grade #

Vanessa, Grade #

Victor, Grade #

Stelvis is a very prolific worker. He is highly talented and creative and has an
advanced sense of colour, form, and depth. He works very quickly and has an
energetic anxious character. Stelvis has learnt to use his drawing talent as a tool to express his anxiety and to tell his stories. He approaches his tasks with seriousness. Since working together, he has stopped crying at school as much and is eager to work in art class.

Vanessa seeks a lot of attention from myself and the other teachers, often asking for approval on what she is making or not working until I pay attention to what she is creating. She expresses herself a lot through the symbol of a rainbow and queen, with the rainbow being represented in most of her works. Representing herself as a queen shows her need for attention, care and strength by imagining an elevated sense of self with power.

Being the oldest in the class, Victor has been somewhat of a leader. The other boys in the class like to copy what he is drawing, which is often super heroes. He shares a lot about how he is feeling and is able to focus and work on the task at hand. He is often the peace maker or takes the initiative to help get the class to work together. He has expressed that he likes to use his book to draw and write in when he feels angry or upset and that making art makes him feel happy.

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