By replacing the classic role of instruction for teachers with a student-centred and differentiated approach, we place student mastery and enjoyment at the heart of all learning. Learning is viewed as social, dynamic, and internally-driven: a radical shift from conventional classroom instruction. Our approach is based on:

Student-Centred and Differentiated Learning 

By having students guide us on what they want to learn about, we create a culture of learning that comes from within and builds problem-solving and self-reflective skills. Central to our differentiated and student-centred academic approach is The Workshop Model and personalised learning through technology.

Inquiry and Creation 

We provide our learners deeply immersive, practical experiences that are grounded in real world investigations. This allows them to explore concepts, connect themes, act intuitively, and express themselves creatively. We use thematic learning throughout the year, design processes for problem-based learning, the Reggio Emilia approach, and subject integration of arts, science, and life skills. 

A Holistic Student Approach 

We see each child’s social, emotional, and cognitive whole as a basis for their ability to learn —not divorced from context—and treat their education as supporting and engaging with all these elements. We use the Responsive Classroom Approach as a tool for establishing an inclusive school culture focusing on positive language, expectations, and responsible relationships as opposed to conventional discipline strategies.