Streetlight Schools: Jeppe Park opened in January 2016 and is our flagship school. We currently have 187 learners in grades R-3. We are growing by one grade per year until grade 7. 

Most of our students live in Jeppestown or in the surrounding areas, which makes us closely connected, both culturally and socially. We are truly a community school! Many of our students are Zulu-speaking and from Gauteng, but we also have students from other regions in South Africa and other African countries.  


These are our opening hours:

Monday - Thursday: 07.00-17.00

Friday: 07.00-16.00


                                                                                                              Example of our weekly schedule, Grade R.

                                                                                                              Example of our weekly schedule, Grade R.



School Safety and Security:

Streetlight Schools uses Magsafe gates and security doors to control entrance and exit to the school and ensure no unauthorised persons interact with or otherwise engage with our learners. We are also registered with the local police station to ensure immediate action in the event of an emergency and have taken out comprehensive school insurance in the event of harm occurring on the school property.

We have an extensive child protection policy covering rights of the child, responsibilities of adults, detailed definitions of abuse, and reporting and investigation procedures. If you would like further information or a copy of the policy, please email us at hello@streetlightschools.org.


Gauteng School Registration Number: 700400923